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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Fable Flash Fictions 2010

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

In Fable Story, the writer or author gives fabelized messages to readers by using non-human characters ( e.g.: animals, trees, candle, stone, etc.). In Ancient time, people used fable story to educate their children and nowadays children still enjoy fable story. Not only children enjoy fable but adult people also do. In 2010, I have shared following Fable Flash Fiction in Authspot:

Merry Christmass aand Happy New Year 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Online Chemistry and Physics Help

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Chemistry and Physics are two of scary subjects for the students. They said that it could make your hair bald because you should think very hard to learn Chemistry and Physics.

According to Oxford Dictionary, physics is group of sciences dealing with matter and energy. Whereas, Chemistry is a physical science and includes concepts such as substances, atoms, molecules and crystals. To learn these subjects, you must understand the concepts well with detail explanation. You may need Chemistry Help or Physics Help from Quality Tutorial Service, like TutorVista. Find tutorial service, which has experienced tutors in tutoring students in Chemistry and Physics across grades.

Find the tutorial service which provides On-line Chemistry Homework help or Physics Homework Help for students like you to solve the difficulty in learning Chemistry and Physics. You need step by step explanations in detail for homework question.

Organic chemistry is part of chemistry study which learns about the scientific study of structure, properties and compositions of compounds.

Understanding of the concept in organic chemistry is important. For this understanding, you may need help by expert chemistry tutors. You can find on-line organic chemistry help which allows you to learn chemistry on-line and that too from expert tutors.

Why do you need on-line tutor service?
  • Save transportation cost and time
  • distance tutoring
  • Practice problems
  • Text-based tutoring
  • 24X7 Homework Help

With quality tutoring company, you can do your learning process better.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tips: To be a Santa Claus

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Santa Claus and Christmas. They are two words which have strong relationship. Santa Claus becomes one of the famous icon for Christmas. Children are familiar with him.

Do want to entertain the Children by being Santa Claus? Read How to Be Santa Claus

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Bagaimana Cara Menjadi Sinterklas atau Santa Claus

Friday, December 3, 2010

Learn Math with Online Tutoring

Math is important subject but there is fear of failure in learning Math.
However, students can find proper help in learning Math. They can learn Math in interactive way. Students can have online tutoring such as TutorVista with interactive whiteboard to work problems, simulations, assessments and other tasks.

Students can get all Math answers online through online Math tutoring program. It will save transportation effort (time and transport cost). Whether you need answers to specific Math questions or fast assistance before a Math test or exam, TutorVista can help.

Solve Algebra problems online with online algebra solver. You study college Algebra from the comfort of home with online Math tutoring program. TutorVista offers Algebra 1 help online. You can try a free Algebra 1 demo session with TutorVista to experience the benefits of their tutoring first-hand.

Solving Math problems is not a piece of cake. When you face difficulty with Math questions, try these!
  • Read the questions carefully.
  • Break the problem into parts.
  • Change it into an equation.
  • Always cross check.
  • Ask until it gets clear.
Read complete Math problem solver.

If face difficulty related to linear equation, you can read tips of How to Solve Linear Equation.

In mathematics, a square root of x is y such that y2 = x, or, in other words, y whose square (the result of multiplying the number by itself) is x.

Every non-negative real number of the x has a unique non-negative square root, called the principal square root. You can see the square root calculator.

TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. TutorVista provides free demo for first time user where they can try the service for free.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fear of Failure is Mental Block in Learning

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Why do we blame other? Because of fear of failure. What is the enemy of creativity? The answer is fear of failure. Why do we cheat? Because of fear of failure. Why don't we try something new or better? Because of fear of failure.

According to, The definition of failure is the condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends.

Whereas to fail means to prove deficient or lacking; perform ineffectively or inadequately; to be unsuccessful.

Fear of failure becomes mental block in learning process.
We should learn to deal with fear. We must learn to deal with failure. We should dare to fail. Open up your heart and mind to find bless in failure.

Many discoveries happen because the genius, like Alexander Flemming ( with Penicillin), Percy LeBaron Spencer (with microwave), George Crum (with his potatoe chips), Mrs. Wakefield (with her Chocolate Chip Cookies), can deal with failure. See 10 Accidental Discoveries.

Resepect your failure and learn from it. There may be bless in it. Read Fable about Failure: Alex and the Mold

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Your Computer Gets Trouble

If you get problem with your laptop or desktop computer, you ca

Nowadays, computer plays important role as the tool in education. With computer, you can make paperless note, computation, data base, writing, and drawing. It becomes problem when something wrong happens to your computer.

There are points to ponder when choosing computer repair service:

  • Choose experienced service company like San Diego Computer Repair with long track record of providing reasonably priced, fast, suitable, and high quality computer repair services.

  • For data recovery, choose the company like San Diego Data Recovery which is able to deal with in hard drive data recovery, restoring your important information from all brands of media.

  • Services should be performed in their facilities and they are not shipped out.

  • To save you time and minimize the risk of further damage due to the transport of your computer, choose the company with tech pros who offer both business support and in home repairs.

  • Choose computer repair and data recovery service company which guaranty 100% privacy (all its employees must sign non disclosure agreement)

  • See the company’s customer satisfaction rating and their experience

  • The company is able to give friendly computer service and speak with simplicity and clarity.

Consider competitive but reasonable price.

  • You can search remote based 24/7 nationwide support company for remote support to solve your computer problem.

Do you get problem with your laptop or desktop computer? You can use the service from San Diego Computer Repair & San Diego Data Recovery. They also provide remote support. They are ready to repair at our store, your location, or nationwide by mail.

Monday, November 22, 2010

One in Five life Insurance Policies is Bought Online

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

According to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) and the Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA)In the United States, people buy about one in five term life insurance online, through the mail, or over the telephone. Far and away, the fastest growing way to buy life insurance today is over the Internet.

Why do people buy insurance?
Insurance is love product. People love their family and they need protect their family.
They do not want their family to struggle after they are gone.

Why is buying insurance online so popular?
They can do wide selection of insurance program. Many people are busy. Thru internet shopping, they do not need to waste transportation cost and time. They can compare rates and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home any time they want. You can find insurance program that you need. Read also Life Insurance No Exam

You can make your own life insurance policy price comparison online just by answering a few simple questions. An insurance agent can provide support for you on the phone or via instant messaging while you’re online if you need help.

If you prefer, talk with one of licensed agents. Just call toll free number 1.800.939.0710 to get a free insurance quote, They are ready to help you get the coverage you need immediately.

Happy life!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Math Spins Your Head Right Round Right Round

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Math or Mathematics

Does Math make you dizzy? Do you need help to learn Math?

Math can make you dizzy if you are numberphobia but don't worry because you can get online help. You can have online tutoring specifically for K-12 and college tutoring.

Never let Math make you dizzy. Just make it easy.

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Math or Mathematics is science which studies and explains quantities and the relation between them.

Math is one of the most important subjects to learn. However, it becomes monster for some students. When they do not understand the fundamentals of Math, it can spin their head right round, right round. I mean not physically spinning but it can be confusing.

On the other hand, learning Math can be fun when we understand its fundamental things and know how to learn it. I remember when my aunty became my tutor and made me love this subject. However, not all students are lucky that they can get learning sources from their home but in this era. Students can google the information to solve their Math learning problems but it may waste their time. Students may have Math problem solving without searching through Online Tutoring Service. With this service, students can have opportunity to connect with expert tutor without leaving their home. They can get in touch with Online Tutoring Service which provides Math Help.

You can get online Math Help from online tutoring service in understanding in any concept in Math like algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability formulas, linear programming methods, discrete Mathematics, etc., across K-12.

Online tutoring service, like TutorNext can give you regular Math tutoring, Homework help or help to solve Math problems. Tutornext makes Math become easy and fun.

When homework make you dizzy, online Homework Help make it easy for you. Students who use our service not only finished their homework but also understand the topic and subject. However, you should choose Homework Help service, which employs high qualified and well trained tutors.

Do you face difficulty in learning Algebra? Ask online Algebra Help Service. Find Online Tutoring Service, which employs Expert Algebra tutors who enjoy teaching and interacting with students.

Online Tutoring Service can also help you to solve the problem in Physics homework. Find Physics help tutoring service which begins from the very basic and moves on to more advanced concepts.

Do you have problem with Calculus? This branch of math includes the study of limits, functions, derivatives, integrals and infinite series. Find online Calculus help across grades and levels. Get one-on-one personalized Calculus Help with an online calculus tutor.

If you need tutoring to achieve better grade, you can use online tutoring.

Use tutoring service which is Online Tutoring services which are convenient and affordable.

Online Tutoring Service can save your travel time and you can connect with tutor for home work help anytime.

Using online tutoring services, students can connect to a tutor as often as they need help and just when they are ready to learn.

Learn! Learn! and Learn! You will get improvement.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Joke, Joke, Joke in English

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

When your read Joke in English, sometimes, you should understand the linguistic aspects of the language. They can be homophones, homonym, semantic (meaning) or some wisecrack.

Read following Jokes!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Joke or Humor in Class Activity for English Language Teachers

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Humor or Joke can become effective ice breaker in class. It is good for teachers to give some joke when teaching in the classroom. Humor or Joke can minimize the student's stress. Joke or Humor can also become teaching materials in English language learning.

You can see how you can use humor in class activity as well as teaching material.

- Joke for Teachers

- Lesson Plan of Homophone Joke

- Homonym Lesson Plan

- Halloween Jokes Lesson Plan for ESL Students

Read also Joke of Wisecrack or Homophone

* No Pain No Gain

* Kiss and Ice Cream

Monday, October 18, 2010

English Lesson Plan and Worksheet: Superheroes

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Are you looking for topic for your English Language lesson plan or teaching materials?
Superhero can be interesting topic for students. Not only can the topic develop their language skill but also stimulate their imagination.

You can adopt or just try following links of worksheet and lesson plan.

Monday, October 11, 2010

White Cat with Beautiful Blue Eyes

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

According to Sarah Hartwell, in her article: WHITE CATS, EYE COLOURS AND DEAFNESS:

"Dominant white masks all other colours and cats may have blue, orange or odd eyes. Those with blue eyes have a high chance of deafness. Those with one blue eye have a high chance of deafness on the blue-eyed side. Those with orange eyes are far less likely to be deaf.

There is an established link between the white coat color, blue eyes and deafness. The tapetum lucidum is generated from the same stem cells as melanocytes (pigment cells). The blue eyes in a piebald or epistatic white cat indicates a lack of tapetum. Deafness is caused by an absence of a cell layer in the inner ear that originates from the same stem cells as well. In odd-eyed white cats, the ear on the blue-eyed side may be deaf.

# 5% of the general cat population is white cats (i.e. pure white). 15-40% of these pure white cats have one or two blue-eyes.
# Of those white cats with one or two blue eyes, 60-80% are deaf; 20-40% have normal hearing; 30-40% had one blue eye and were deaf while 60-70% had one blue eye and normal hearing.
# Deaf white cats with one or two blue eyes account for 0.25 - 1.5 of total cat population
# Total number of cats with white coat and blue eyes account for 0.75 - 2.0% of total cat population"

Sixty percents of white cats with blue eyes are deaf and I have a fable story of one of them.

Read Deaf Cat Story

Berbeda-beda Tetapi Satu Gado-Gado

“Aku telur. Aku bulat dan berprotein.”
“Aku juga,” kata Tempe.
Kangkung, Kentang, Buncis, Kol, Tauge, Wortel, dan Timun berkata,”Kami sayuran. Kami menyehatkan dan menyegarkan.”
“Namaku garam. Aku dari laut. Masakan perlu sedikit asin agar cocok di lidah.”
“Namaku Asam. Asalku dari gunung. Aku juga bikin lidah bergoyang.”
“Namaku Cabe. Aku bisa menghangatkan suasana dikala sedang bersantap.”
“Selain bikin goyang lidah, aku juga menyehatkan sebagai jamu, lho,” kata Serai.
“Namaku Kacang. Biar kacangan, tetapi aku tetap menjadi idola.”
“Aku sederhana tetapi banyak orang mencintaiku. Namaku Krupuk.”
“Namaku Beras. Aku punya banyak penggemar di Indonesia.”
“Akulah idola yang sesungguhnya. Semua orang di seluruh dunia membutuhkanku,” kata Sang Air.
Sambil memegang cobek, Bu Surti berkata,“Yo Wis..semuanya hebat-hebat, kok. Sekarang, waktunya membuat gado-gado. Kita semua satu tim. Waktunya mewujudkan cita rasa kesatuan yang mantap dari keberagaman kalian. Kalian siap?”

Wahyu Purnomosidhi, Jakarta, 10-10-2010


Friday, October 1, 2010

Obesity and insurance rates

Gaining some fat during the winter is something that most of us face every year. And things like that won't affect the rates you insure your life at. But if it's much more than just a seasonal weight gain you might risk having your insurance rates lifted higher, especially if you have become overweight or obese.

The problem is that obesity has become the national health problem and insurance companies are well aware of that, charging higher rates for having too much excessive weight.

The cost of overweight in insurance rates

Most of you know that obesity and overweight leads to higher risk of developing such health problems as diabetes, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, arthritis, various types of cancer and even early death. When an insurance company is setting rates for a specific person it evaluates the overall life expectancy according to a specific demographic group. And it usually turns out that people with too much excessive weight have lower life expectancy than people with healthy weight in the same age and sex group.

Obesity is generally defined as the relation of body fat to the mass of all other tissue a person has. It is usually expressed through the body mass index (BMI) that represents the relation between a person's height and weight. The resulting number is used to define how much the person is overweight (or underweight). Officially, overweight is considered a person who has a BMI between 25 and 29.0. If a person has a BMI of 30 and higher they are considered obese.

If speaking hypothetically, if a man aged 55 with no smoking habits and a BMI of 38 would like to get $250,000 in life insurance coverage then it would cost him $4,256 per year in premiums. But if the same man would have had a BMI lower than 30, getting the same amount of coverage would cost him $3,767 per year. And it's not just a matter of insuring one's life. Health insurance costs will also be higher if you're officially classified as overweight or obese. So having too much excessive weight will certainly hit you hard on the wallet.

Even worse news for women

If you are a woman and are obese, expect to pay even more. And it's not because of sexism or harassment, but because adult women with too much excessive weight have a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer and infertility. Numerous studies have confirmed that there is a direct link between obesity and certain female-specific forms of cancer. And when there's the word "cancer" on the horizon, insurance providers tend to get very expensive.

In order to get lower life insurance quotes you should certainly do something about the excessive weight if there's too much of it. And it's not a matter of minimizing costs (though, you will certainly save a lot on medical bills and insurance costs) but a matter of your own good. By keeping a healthy weight you will improve your health and minimize the risk of developing numerous problems. So it's definitely for your own good, especially if you want to have health and life insurance rates really low.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fable, Fable, Fable Flash Fiction!

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Thu fable stories, children can learn from the moral message of the stories. Besides, fable stories stimulate children imagination.

In fable, the stories use animals, plants, or non-human characters, as if they acted and spoke like human beings, to illustrate the lessons (morals) of the stories.

List of fable short stories:

- Blade Looking for Girlfriend: Keris' Fable Story

- Lion and The Jungle: Story of Organization and Its Members

- Young Paddies Lear to Grow

- A Wok and The Roosters

- Lost Sheep and Good Shepherd: I am lost too but don't worry

- Buterfly Story: Is It Right to be Yourself?

- Lowly Donkey and the King of Peace

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Legend of Light Bearer: Modern Fable

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Fable is story which the characters are animal or non-human characters.

Usually, fable has moral lesson.

In modern fable, the writer sometimes mixes human and non-human characters in his story. There is also mix between fable and fantasy story.

To share the lesson about personal reinvention and self development, Dr. Rubino wrote book, titled The Legend of Light Bearers.

Read the Review of Legend of Light Bearers.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Writing Lesson: Decode Your Writer's Block

"Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine." -Fran Lebowitz

You love to express and share your idea in writing. You have started writing your idea but you have no idea anymore to continue. You face writer's block.

Do not put your pen down when you face writer’s block. Do not give up. Analyze your writer's block and try to overcome it.

Decode your writer's block and overcome it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Human Translation vs Machine Translation

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Nowadays, we can find free and paid translation machines or softwares. However, they cannot be substitutes for human translators.

It is not wise to use translator softwares or machines without editing.

Read my article about Translation Software.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are You Newbie in Gardening?

When I was child, I was not interested in gardening. Even if I enjoy the green beauty, I did not care about gardening.

Nowadays, many people and their organizations begin to think and act green. It is the time to care about the environment. In June 2010, my friend participated in gardening program, called “One man, Ten Trees, for Thousand People.” It was tree-planting program by organizations, which did something for the environment. When I compiled Community Development Report, I also read many gardening activities. I started to think of people green awareness. Why are many people interested in gardening? Why is there also growing vegetables in White House Garden?

In the end of June 2010, when I took leave in my home town, I saw my father watering his orchids; I asked my father why he loved gardening. Then, he mentioned some benefits of gardening.

  • Gardening is a wonderful way to reduce stress. When we enjoy the beauty of garden, we can more relax. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. My father says, “It can help you clear your mind.”
  • In gardening, people learn to be patient.
  • We are doing exercise by doing gardening activities. Gardening gives contribution to physical health.
  • With gardening, you can also have nutritional benefit if you plant vegetable and fruit garden.
  • Gardening with your family means that you spend quality time with your family.

My father’s explanation about benefits of gardening has raised my interest in gardening. I am interested to help my father in the garden.

I am novice in gardening but my father knows that I can get much information about gardening through Internet. Through Internet, I can access the information about gardening tips, specific plants, flowers, fruits, how to care, and where to buy specific plants. Thanks to the development of technology. With wireless or mobile internet, I can get the information even if I am in the middle of garden. Of course, I choose to use wireless internet which is faster and I can save my money.

Are you newbie in gardening? Don't worry! You can learn and get information through internet access.
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Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Do People Get from Boob Job and Other Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery services provide facial plastic surgery, tummy

Some women decide to do Boob Job to get dream shaped boob. Why do they choose this way? Article presents briefly the types of plastic surgery. In the end of this article, it discusses why people do boob job or other plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery services provide facial plastic surgery, tummy tuck surgery or Abdominoplasty, boob job or breast augmentation ( breast aug) or breast plastic surgery, and Liposuction or lipoplasty.

These plastic surgery services focus on both cosmetic /aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

  • Facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery services offer Facelift Surgery, Browlift surgery, Eyelift surgery (Blepharoplasty), and Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping).

  • Tummy Tuck

According to Wikipedia, Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen firmer.

There is also mini-abdominoplasty or mini-tummy tuck. It is implemented to flatten the part of the abdomen below the belly button.

  • Boob Job or Breast Augmentation

According to wikipedia, A breast implant is a prosthesis used to alter the size and shape of a woman's breasts for cosmetic reasons or to reconstruct the breast. Breast implant is also known as breast augmentation, breast enlargement, mammoplasty enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty or boob job. Boob job increases breast size and helps to create a lovely, full shape.

  • Fat Modeling or Liposuction

Liposuction or lipoplasty ("fat modeling"), liposculpture suction lipectomy or simply lipo ("suction-assisted fat removal") is a cosmetic surgery operation to remove fat from many sites on the human body. This surgery helps the patients who wish their body areas to be thinner.

Why do people decide to do plastic surgery?

They do it for aesthetic/ cosmetic reason and reconstruction. Of course, they do it because they get some benefits.

By doing plastic surgery, the patients get aesthetic and psychological benefits as follows:

  • For women, the wonderful result of surgery increases femininity.

  • The patient can improve their appearance.

  • The patients fill comfortable with their bodies and find their self confidence and self esteem.

  • After the surgery, due to body size correction and body shaping, the patients can use clothes and underwear that were not fit before.

  • The patient can improve their body shape to have proportional and balanced body as well as correct their size.

  • The patient feels younger.

If you plan to do plastic surgery, you can have consultation at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. During the consultation, your plastic surgeon at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery will examine you and discuss recommendations for the appropriate type of surgery for the best results.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lady Gaga Dangerous Eye Trick

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

An AOL Health article describes how in Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986), an American sexy recording artist, appears to have huge eyes. Teens are trying to get the same look using online contact lenses with dangerous results.

The doctor must evaluate the users of contact lenses for changes to the eye. People may not be able to detect the changes but the changes may be causing permanent damage to the eye.

"A contact lens is a medical device and must be fit to the patient's eye," said Dr. Marc Werner, an ophthalmologist at Stahl Eye Center in New York City.
Stahl Eye Center is committed to offering the highest quality care using the most advanced technology (lasik / laser eye surgery or correction).

Contact lenses must be properly fit. They must be designed to prevent complications such as infection and permanent damage to the cornea.

"When it is not fitted properly, the patient risks everything from minimal discomfort to loss of vision related to a contact lens infection. Unfortunately, if vision loss occurs, it may be permanent."

To sell any contact lenses without a prescription in the U.S. is illegal. Unfortunately, people can easily get circle lenses through e-commerce.

I know you love her but don't follow her.
Think wisely! Get advice from the right doctors! before you make change to your eyes.

Get advice from the expert about eyes, from reliable organization.

Take Eye Care,

Stahl Eye Center

Friday, July 9, 2010

Equality and Respect Each Other

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Now, I want to talk about equality.

I take this picture from

The picture conveys the message of equality. No matter who you are, how strong, weak, rich you are, where you come from, we must be treated equally.

We are under the same sun.
We are equal under God.
We must respect each other.

Read also Fable Flash Fiction of Equality: Fable of Wok and The Rooster

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Experienced Law Office for Your Accident Case Settlement

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

When other people's negligence or error makes you injured, you have the legal right to compensation for your injuries.
What should you do if it happens in Hawaii?
You should find reliable, experienced, and skillful lawyer to settle it.
Law Offices of David W. Barlow will protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.
You can trust Law Offices of David W. Barlow.

For further information, visit:
Hawaii Accident Lawyer

Friday, July 2, 2010

With USAEyes Avoid Bad Lasik Doctors

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

With USAEyes Avoid Bad Lasik Doctors

If you are Lasik patient, you need special and reliable information to select god Lasik doctor.
The USAEyes is an reliable non-profit organization which gives advocacy to lasik patient.
It provides 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor and conducts a national Lasik results survey to certify Lasik surgeons.
USAEyes is the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (CRSQA).
Through website, patients learn important issues about Lasik and similar vision correction surgery.

Read further information:


The Best of Ophthalmology.....EyeWorld News Magazine

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are You Lazzy Enough to Wear Reading Glasses?

Be Rid of Reading Glasses!
Your eyes and your visions are important in learning process.
You need to see the picture or object clearly when you learn.
You need to read when you learn.

Some of you need reading glasses in order to see and to read.
If you are too lazzy to wear reading glasses, NearVision CK ( NearVision Conductive Keratoplasty) can reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses for months at a time.

Read General NearVision CK information

Where can you have NearVision CK?

Stahl Eye Center has been serving patients for more than 35 years. The Stahl Eye Center doctors’ patient outcomes have been independently verified by nonprofit patient advocacy USAEyes to meet or exceed the national norms. Fewer than 100 doctors nationwide have attained this certification.

See Doctor information

Stahl Eye Center

Your Freinds needs freedom to grow as individual

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Friends, Everyone needs freedom to grow as individual. It is a fable of self development, of respect to freedom, and of role as team player.

You must have close friends, lovable friends but you must give space, you must respect their freedom as individual to grow.

You can read very short story / Fable Flash Fiction about it in Fable: Paddies Learn to Grow

If you love to write short story you can join and submit your story HERE

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Effect of Restasis on Laser Vision Correction/ LASIK

Dry Eye, Eye Drops, Drops for Dry Eye Treatment

According to Wikipedia, dry eye syndrome (DES), or simply dry eyes, is an eye disease caused by decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation. Tears are the liquid product of a process of crying to clean and lubricate the eyes. Not only do Tear Glands protect your eyes, it also produce more fluid when your eyes get irritated.

If you almost always use artificial tears frequently everyday day, you must visit your eye doctor and ask about RESTASIS. Restasis is a medicated eye drop which increases tear production to relieve the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. However, You shall not use Restasis to treat eye dryness due to an infection.

Dry Eye can complicate Lasik. Restasis is only prescription medication which is approved by FDA to treat the underlying cause of some dry eye. Stahl Eye Center conducts studies on Restasis for Lasik patients. It studies the effect of restasis on laser vision correction. The study analyzes the effect of restasis on patient comfort, healing time and clarity of vision during rehabilitation after LASIK surgery.

Stahl Eye Center doctors are graduates from reputable universities such as UCLA, John Hopkins, and Yale.
Stahl Eye Center has been serving patients for more than 35 years.
The doctor information, click here
You can find Stahl Eye Center locations in New York including Manhattan and Long Island.

Stahl Eye Center

Stahl Eye Center

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Pain No Gain

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

According to Uncle Wikipedia, No pain, no gain (or "No gain without pain") is an exercise motto that came into prominence after 1982 when actress Jane Fonda began to produce a series of aerobics workout videos. In these videos, Fonda would use "No pain, no gain" and "Feel the burn" as catchphrases for the concept of working out past the point of experiencing muscle aches.

However, many people use "No Pain No Gain" in the struggle for their career and success.


However, another kinds of people have their credo about "Pain" and "Gain." What do Sadist, Masochist, businessmen, and unlucky hard worker say about "Pain"and "Gain"?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easy Google Docs: Free Storage Cloud! You Can Work and Share Your Document with Your Friends.

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

As students, sometimes you need to work and share the file with your friend. You need office application that you can open everywhere. You need free word processor and free online spreadsheet application. Google has good news for you. That is Google Docs.

Through Google Docs, you can upload and share the document with your friend. You can discuss and do your group work online. Google Docs provides free word processor. Google provide word document and xls reader. Like free word office software or MS Word, it is user's friendly. You can save your document, spreadsheet, and presentation file and share them with your friend. Google Docs is free cloud storage, which provides free office application. You can use free word processing. You can also use Google Docs to open your power point file. With Google Docs, you can use free presentation software with free presentation background, template, and theme. You can create web-based documents, spreadsheets (open, edit, and make xls file online), drawings, and presentations.

If you need more information about Google Docs, you can read my article:
Google Docs: Your Free Office Application at the Sky for Efficiency

Friday, June 4, 2010

Is Laser Eye Surgery The Best Solution for You?

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

LASIK is correction eye surgery using laser.
Before you decide to choose LASIK eye surgery for your eyes or vision correction, you must get to know the must-known things about LASIK. You must discuss with your doctor whether LASIK or other treatment is suitable for you.

For your safety, find reliable information from realiable source for your vision correction.

Search the information of it! Learn it! Decide it!

Ask the smart source for smart solution and make smart decision!

Make sure that your doctor of LASIK vision center does correct lasik procedure.
Ask them what is laser eye surgery and how mush is lasik surgery.

The USAEyes advocacy organization presents the 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor and conducts a national Lasik results survey, cited in an in-depth US News & World Report about laser eye surgery/ lasik surgery.

Read article about LASIK: A Lighter, Defter Touch

Is LASIK the best solution for your eyes?


Ask USAEyes

Monday, May 31, 2010

LASIK for Your Eyes? Find the Right Info about It!

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

You love to read but you have vision problem.
You love to see beauty but your vision problem make you unable to see clearly.
Do you want to read clearly? Do you want to see the beauty clearly?

Perhaps, LASIK is the answer.

Before you decide LASIK as your vision problem solution, you MUST search more information about it.
You must get the right advice about it.

See general info about LASIK.

Lasik can reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses with out pain.
Lasik is the most often performed surgery in the US.
See US LASIK result data.

However, you need Eye Center with trained ophthalmologist who can provide comprehensive eye and vision care.
Stahl Eye Center has been serving patients for more than 35 years.
See the doctor information

Have A Good Vision!

Stahl Eye Center

You Need Trustworthy Health Info Before Doing LASIK

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Before you decide to to LASIK surgery your your eyes, you need trustworthy health information about Eye Refractive Surgery, don't you?

Good action needs good decision. Good decision needs good consideration. Good consideration needs trustworthy data and information.

Get advice and information about Lasik at You need to visit
Why do you need to get info from USAEyes?

USAEyes provides reliable source of Lasik information as cited by US Congressional subcommittee
There is forum to ask about Lasik in
USAEyes evaluates the Lasik results of individual doctors.
Representatives of USAEyes have testified before the FDA about Lasik patient advocacy.

Get free information and advice!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hawaii Injury Attorney/ Lawyer: Are you an injury victim of accident?

Humanizing Human Beings.

Are you the victim of someone else negligence? Are you an injury victim of accident or of Medical Malpractice? Do you want to make injury claim but you don't know how? You need to claim compensation but you don't know how? Are you in Hawaii?

You need advocacy and knowledgable support. Do you find personal injury attorney or lawyer? If you are in Hawaii, you need Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney. You need fast service for injury compensation claim. If you are in Hawaii, you need Injury Attorney/ Lawyer.

The clients of DAVID W. BARLOW's law offices have been satisfied with the quick result to obtain compensation. DAVID W. BARLOW's law offices understand that the clients need the compensation as soon as possible.

Ask the experts (attorney or lawyer) to solve your injury claim!
Contact the brave attorney who dare to give guarantee!

Barlow says:
"No Fee Guarantee:

You Pay No Attorney's Fees

Unless We Recover For You."

For further information and legal support, please visit:

Hawaii Personal Injury

Hawaii Injury Attorney

Hawaii Injury Lawyer

Monday, May 17, 2010

Art Academy: Studying Art for Your Future Career

Advertising is communication to persuade viewers, readers, or l

Have you decided where you will continue your study? Have you decided your career choice?

Are you interested in art? You can choose art as your future career.

Image: Salvatore Vuono /

Does art have good future?

Be future art professional! You can create animation. You can make film. You can make people love your design. You can build your own business. You can help the companies to communicate their idea with your art and make people attracted to their business.

Arts in Business

In nowadays business, advertising is very important for marketers. Advertising is communication to persuade viewers, readers, or listeners to take action upon something proposed. It attracts people attention to a product, business, or idea. It plays important role to introduce the product. It makes people aware of the problem they face and of the solution, they can do. It offers what the people get if they buy or use the product or service. It can generate sales by developing awareness.

Not only does advertising match people’s logic but it also stimulates people’s emotion. The essential element of advertising is suggestion to people emotion. The advertising must be able to raise curiosity, fear, dream, and joy.

To introduce the product, service, or business, art plays important role to attract people’s emotion. Art can stimulate people’s interest in their subconscious mind. Business needs art in the promotion. Business needs the artists who can attract customers/ users.

To be an artist can be a good career choice for you. You can continue your study to art school. You will learn how to attract the customer. Many companies will need your skills. Your skills will be in demand in job market. You can be an animator, graphic designer, illustrator, filmmaker, photographer, and musician for visual media, web designer, or other challenging art job positions. You can work as employee for company or you can build independently your own business. Art will be your future.

It is time to get information about art academy, in which, its curriculum match with new trend and technology. Get the information what are the majors in art school. Make sure that the institution has the professionals, who are experienced in art profession, because they will give you the lesson for your future. Learn something that match job market requirements.

Be a future professional!

Get the information about industrial design school and photography school

Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Write Inspirational Fable Flash Fiction |

How to Write Inspirational Fable Flash Fiction |

Fable is useful as a tool to teach young learner. Many fables have simple language style. It is easy to be understood.
Fable also gives moral, social, spiritual, and environmental teaching to the readers,
Fable conveys the message to the readers.

Writing fable flash fiction can develop students creativity. They will learn to write in simple language style.

Read How to Write Fable Short Story

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LASIK: Corect Your Vision Problem, Get Better Vision to See Beauty

Do you want to see beautiful scene clearly? Do you want to see your belove one's face clearly?
Do you like to read? Do you want to see the facial expression or the lips of your boy friend/ girl friend when you are going to kiss him/ her?
The problem of your eyes become the obstacle to enjoy the beauty.

When you cannot see the object clearly, something that you should correct first is not the object.
You need vision correction.

Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) can help your vision correction. It is surgical technique with modern technology.
You can see your boy/ girl friend's face clearly. You will have better vision to read the book and see the beauty. You can see your boy/ girl friend's smile when you are going to kiss him/ her.

Based on survey, people are getting the Lasik results they expect. See Lasik Results.

Many People like Lasik because to have better eye condition, they do not spend long time to recover. It has no pain.
Lasik has high accuracy, precision and reposition of corneal tissue.

It can be the solution for your eye's problem.

My girlfriend got the Doctor information about Lasik at Stahl Eye Centre

Dou you want to have better vision? Are you interested in Lasik?

You can ask my friend,
Dr. Thierry Hufnagel

Friday, April 9, 2010

Do You Want to Shape Your Body?

Do you want to shape your body? Do you want to say 'good bye' to the fat around your bely? Do you want to have more beautiful breasts?

Do You Have Excess Fat around Your Belly?

After pregnancy, many women have excess skin and fat around their belly. Not only do the women got the problem with fat, mony men also face the problem with fat belly.

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” can the the answer to improve body contour and smoother shape to the abdomen.

With Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck”, you can say 'good bye' to excess skin and fat and tighten the muscle beneath. You will have a pleasing body shape.

To get more information about Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) , click HERE

Do You Want to Have More Beautiful Breast?

Breasts are beautiful feminine body parts of woman.

Do you want enlarge your breast? Do you want to replace breast contour which is often lost during pregnancy? Do your breasts sag? Do you want to lift them up? Do you want youthful shape of your breasts?

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery provides the consultation to examine and give recommendation for the best result. We perform breast augmentation using both saline and silicone implants. Most of patients have very little pain following the surgery because long-acting local anesthetic is administered as part of the procedure and they are back to work about a week after surgery. Most of our breast augmentations use our "Silent Scar" technique to hide the scar. The process does not waste your time.

To shape their breasts, that may sag by pregnancy or nursing, many women enjoy beneficial results from a breast lift or “mastopexy.” Mastopexy tightens to return the breast to a more youthful shape, firmness, and position.

Are you interested to shape your beautiful breasts with? Click HERE

Surgery can help your problem with body shape and beauty. However, you must choose the right surgery center.

Choose the surgery center, which:
1. holds certificate of surgery center and has quality standard to ensure the safety
2. gives you maximum comfort
3. employs medical director is a fully trained plastic surgeon
4. have anesthesiologists, who are medical doctors
5. employs the latest approaches to plastic surgery and uses cutting edge technology

Are you interested in plastic surgery?
Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is the place for you.
Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery will work with you to choose the approach for the best results.

For further information about Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, click here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Safe Search Engine for Children Prevents Accidental Visit to Indecent Content |

Through Internet, we can get many information. However, we need to filter the information, especially for children. is the search engine, which can warn the user when they use keywords which may lead into adult content.

To get more info about it, click here

Monday, February 22, 2010

Motivational Pre Easter Story for Children

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Sometimes, we need to use fable story to motivate and inspire children. Fable story is fun and also inspiring.

Today, I share motivational story related to Pre Easter/ Palm Sunday. Have you heard the story of Lowly Donkey and King of Peace? This story may be helpful to encourage self confidence.

To read the story, click here

If you have short story for children, you can join book project by clicking here

Or you can get ongoing royalty by joining Triond, click here

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Write and Share until Somebody Offers to Pay

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Are you student? Are you trainer? Are you teacher? Do You Love to Write?

Read following quotes about writing:

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.” - John Jakes

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” - E. L. Doctorow

“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay” - Mark Twain

Do warming up in writing ( to read about, warming up in writing, click here)

If in the deepest of your heart you love writing, learn to write and join Bukisa and Triond and earn money.

For further information about Bukisa and Triond, Click Here

Ayo Menulis dalam Bahasa Inggris di Bukisa dan Triond!

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Jika teman-teman suka menulis dalam Bahasa Inggris, ayo bergabung di Triond dan Bukisa.


Walaupun ada godaan untuk malas menulis, saya selalu melakukan pemanasan dalam menulis. Ingin tahu pemanasan dalam menulis? Silahkan klik DISINI.

Melalui Triond anda dapat berbagi Artikel ataupun penulisan kreatif lain (puisi, prosa, cerita pendek) dalam Bahasa Inggris ataupun foto-foto yang orisinil dari anda. Untuk melihat beberapa contoh artikel, silahkan klik DISINI.
Triond menawarkan kesempatan sebagai Freelance Writer atau Penulis Lepas dan juga juga membangun jaringan.
  • Tulis artikel atau pun tulisan kreatif yang orisinal tidak menjiplak (tidak ada tempat untuk plagiat di Triond).
  • Kirim tulisan ataupun gambar di Triond. INGAT: Tulis dengan grammar yang benar karena editing di Triond termasuk ketat
  • Jika tulisan anda disetujui, anda akan mendapat publish notification melalui email dan anda akan mendapatkan royalti dari tulisan anda (pendapatan tergantung dari jumlah orang yang mengunjungi tulisan anda)
  • Bangun pertemanan dalam Triond. Beri komentar yang baik dan appresiatif pada penulis Triond lain. Biasanya mereka juga akan mengunjungi tulisan anda
  • Setelah anda mendapat kiriman pembayaran dari Triond, anda juga dapat membangun jaringan untuk menambah pendapatan melalui program refferal (member gets member).
  • Kini Triond juga bekerjasama dengan adsense sehingga pendapatan anda juga bisa bertambah melalui Google Adsense.
  • Triond cocok bagi anda yang suka menulis, ini tempat untuk berlatih menulis dalam Bahasa Inggirs dan mendapatkan uang melalui royalty. Tertarik? Ayo bergabung dengan klik DISINI

Bersama Bukisa, anda dapat berbagi artikel berisi kiat-kiat dan review film, klip persentasi, serta menambah pendapatan melalui program referral ( member gets member).
Prinsipnya sama seperti Triond anda menulis dalam bahasa Inggris dan tulisan itu harus orisinil. Jika di Triond program referralnya diberikan untuk anda jika anda sudah dibayar. Bukisa memberikan kesempatan program referal begitu anda mendaftar. Untuk menulis review film, anda perlu mengetahui sedikit tips tentang ini, dengan DISINI.

Proses editing di Bukisa tidak seketat Triond. Untuk menulis dalam Bahasa Inggris anda dapat menggunakan mesin penterjemah online. Ingin tau lebih lanjut tentang mesin penterjemah online? Klik DI SINI

Contoh tulisan saya di Bukisa tentang Naruto dapat Anda baca dengan klik DI SINI


BUKISA dan TRIOND pantas dicoba untuk melatih kemampuan anda dalam menulis.



See You at The Top

Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Use Google as Translator Engine |

How to Use Google as Translator Engine |

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Understanding foreign language is important in education and study. Sometimes, we need Translator Tool in Translation Process.

I found that Google is really helpful.

To get the tips to use Google as free translator, click here

Friday, February 5, 2010


Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Many children love Naruto. They like to see this movie and manga.

Beside entertainment, Naruto series present some moral teaching, such as optimism and friendship. However, it is better to give guidance to your children when they are watching Naruto.

From 2008 to 2010, Naruto has been in Top Search in Google. To read this complete article, click HERE

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Accelerating Learning Ability

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

To study, you need to focus your energy on important tasks. You need to build your power of memory to remember the lesson.
You must be able to minimize your stress. If you are teacher or parent, these factors are necessary for you to consider. To get the info of how to accelerate learning ability, click here