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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Effect of Restasis on Laser Vision Correction/ LASIK

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According to Wikipedia, dry eye syndrome (DES), or simply dry eyes, is an eye disease caused by decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation. Tears are the liquid product of a process of crying to clean and lubricate the eyes. Not only do Tear Glands protect your eyes, it also produce more fluid when your eyes get irritated.

If you almost always use artificial tears frequently everyday day, you must visit your eye doctor and ask about RESTASIS. Restasis is a medicated eye drop which increases tear production to relieve the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. However, You shall not use Restasis to treat eye dryness due to an infection.

Dry Eye can complicate Lasik. Restasis is only prescription medication which is approved by FDA to treat the underlying cause of some dry eye. Stahl Eye Center conducts studies on Restasis for Lasik patients. It studies the effect of restasis on laser vision correction. The study analyzes the effect of restasis on patient comfort, healing time and clarity of vision during rehabilitation after LASIK surgery.

Stahl Eye Center doctors are graduates from reputable universities such as UCLA, John Hopkins, and Yale.
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