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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine Day: Do You Have Any Idea For It?

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Valentine's Day is an annual commemoration celebrating love between intimate companions. The day is named after a Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It's held on February 14.

It is the day when you have opportunity to charm your beloved with cute Valentine ideas. If you have already wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, you can take this moment to express your feeling creatively.
If you are still single, don't worry, open your heart and try to find one.

Be creative to spend Valentine Day with your beloved one!
You can ask them to have candle lite dinner! You can invite them in ice skating area. You can have picnic, jogging, dancing with your partner. Or, you can try other idea.

Expression of love is not only for couple, you can express love to your parents, teachers, friends, or pets.

Open up your heart! Open up your mind! Welcome love!

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Learn To Find A Way

Short Fable Story: Mice Will Find The Way | Authspot

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Human being is long life learner. History has proven that many problems have been solved by human beings because they have learned and found the way to overcome the obstacle.
Discovery and invention are the evidences. Sometimes, human learn to find a way to solve the problem but sometimes they make revolutionary move by making a way.

Find a way, or make one! Read a fable fiction of this theme, titled Mice Will Find The Way by YW Purnomosidhi

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do You Want to Take Master Degree

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Why Do You Want to Take Master Degree?

Have you hold S1 or bachelor degree?
Do you want to continue higher education?
Do you want to contribute intelligently and effectively to the welfare of your society?
Do you want to reach more personal understanding, be able to deeper such knowledge?
Do you want to write and speak excellently? Master the topic in public speaking?
Do you want to learn to reflect on the circumstances of your live and advance your intellectual power?
Do you want to be able to effectively confront challenges?
Do you need education with full human development by giving attention to the balance of intellectual, spiritual and physical development?
Do you need more education or knowledge which can help you in your business, work, or career?
Do you need education which need to pay attention about balance in life?
Are you an employee or businessperson?
Do you want to study and achieve master degree but you are really busy to go to campus?

If your answer to all or some questions above is "yes", you can take online master program.

You can search and choose the right online master program for you.

If you are a nurse, you may take online masters degree in nursing or Master of Science in Nursing which meets the needs of working registered nurses who wish to take advanced study of their field or enhance higher education level.

If you like to learn more about leadership, you can take online program of masters in leadership. You can take the online study program of Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. It is study which combines cutting-edge research from the social sciences, communication field, arts, humanities, and business, into a transformative leadership masters

Of course, when you choose online master program, please choose master program which is fully accredited by authorized commission.

What ever you choose, choose something that you love. Of course, you should consider accessibility, effectiveness, and quality of the program.

Online master program is for you who love to learn higher education level.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Learning from Metamorphosis

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Metamorphosis is the change of shape in animal's life cycle. During metamorphosis, the tadpole's back legs are growing first. Then it develops front legs. Around 6 weeks, the mouth grows wider. Around 10 weeks, the froglet or tadpole with legs develops its eyes bulging out. Then, tail begins to disapear. When its lungs grows, the froglet can go onto the land and it becomes frog.

Read life cycle of frog at kidzone

Even if human being does not experience metamorphosis, he has life cycle in which he learns to accept himself and develop himself to be better without change his identity.

Sometimes, in our life cycle, we learn to accept ourselves. Sometimes, when we see that we are different from others or when others mock or underestimate us beceuse the difference, we become angry, loose self confidence, or reject ourselves.

However, there's nothing wrong to be different. Try to accept yourself as you are! Develop yourself to be your best selves! You are unique and your uniqueness become your power as you do your self development.

Read a short fable story about self acceptance and realizing the power of uniqueness in you in Frog's Story: Jump! Jump!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Online Degree Program for Better Future

Nowadays, many employees want to have associate degree but their busy work gives them only limited time. They have difficulty to manage schedule to go to campus as they should spend their eight hours or more a day. In some cases, busy lives may kill their dream to obtain higher degree of education. Weekend campus is one of solutions for them but they may miss their happy leisure time in weekend.

You shall not worry if you are one of them! You still have another solution. The growth of modern informational technology can help your study process. You can obtain associate degree online.

Education is investment for your better future. Many educational institutions with online program give students specialized training for success in career and to help the growth of business community. Their program may help those who want to learn to achieve better future through education.

Search the educational institutions which provides accredited online associate degrees for your better career and life. Choose online associate degrees which match your interests! You may choose online business administration degree, information technology, associate degree in criminal justice, or other programs. You can also choose the programs which you can link with your work experience. See whether in the future the degree you want to achieve may enter wider job market and expand opportunity.

Online education programs are able to help you to study even if you face very busy lives. Coursework is accesible for you wherever you have internet conection. You do not need always be present in campus.

If you want to select the college, you need to consider the training of education experience of the institution, its professionals as faculty members, and its accreditation status. Learn the track record of the college. See whether it has been registered in such association membership.