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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easy Google Docs: Free Storage Cloud! You Can Work and Share Your Document with Your Friends.

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As students, sometimes you need to work and share the file with your friend. You need office application that you can open everywhere. You need free word processor and free online spreadsheet application. Google has good news for you. That is Google Docs.

Through Google Docs, you can upload and share the document with your friend. You can discuss and do your group work online. Google Docs provides free word processor. Google provide word document and xls reader. Like free word office software or MS Word, it is user's friendly. You can save your document, spreadsheet, and presentation file and share them with your friend. Google Docs is free cloud storage, which provides free office application. You can use free word processing. You can also use Google Docs to open your power point file. With Google Docs, you can use free presentation software with free presentation background, template, and theme. You can create web-based documents, spreadsheets (open, edit, and make xls file online), drawings, and presentations.

If you need more information about Google Docs, you can read my article:
Google Docs: Your Free Office Application at the Sky for Efficiency


Aubrey said...

Hi There!

Nice post! I know a lot of teachers that would find your blog helpful.

Another online productivity suite that you might be interested to try is ThinkFree. I personally like their products for the following reasons:

- I used for group projects in college, so the collaboration functionality is great. I now use it on weekly reports with my colleagues.
- It's the most Microsoft compatible software.
- It can be used online or offline, and they even have a new Android app that I can use while I am on the go…
- It’s FREE!

Thought you would be interested!!



Thank Aubrey for sharing.

online file storage said...

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