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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are You Newbie in Gardening?

When I was child, I was not interested in gardening. Even if I enjoy the green beauty, I did not care about gardening.

Nowadays, many people and their organizations begin to think and act green. It is the time to care about the environment. In June 2010, my friend participated in gardening program, called “One man, Ten Trees, for Thousand People.” It was tree-planting program by organizations, which did something for the environment. When I compiled Community Development Report, I also read many gardening activities. I started to think of people green awareness. Why are many people interested in gardening? Why is there also growing vegetables in White House Garden?

In the end of June 2010, when I took leave in my home town, I saw my father watering his orchids; I asked my father why he loved gardening. Then, he mentioned some benefits of gardening.

  • Gardening is a wonderful way to reduce stress. When we enjoy the beauty of garden, we can more relax. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. My father says, “It can help you clear your mind.”
  • In gardening, people learn to be patient.
  • We are doing exercise by doing gardening activities. Gardening gives contribution to physical health.
  • With gardening, you can also have nutritional benefit if you plant vegetable and fruit garden.
  • Gardening with your family means that you spend quality time with your family.

My father’s explanation about benefits of gardening has raised my interest in gardening. I am interested to help my father in the garden.

I am novice in gardening but my father knows that I can get much information about gardening through Internet. Through Internet, I can access the information about gardening tips, specific plants, flowers, fruits, how to care, and where to buy specific plants. Thanks to the development of technology. With wireless or mobile internet, I can get the information even if I am in the middle of garden. Of course, I choose to use wireless internet which is faster and I can save my money.

Are you newbie in gardening? Don't worry! You can learn and get information through internet access.
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