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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paintball Game: Shoot Them All! Paint Them All!

Paintball Game: Shoot Them All! Paint Them All!

I still remember in my childhood I made gun for play by using bamboo or banana leaves. Then, I made a hat with newspaper . Nowaadays, modern technology enables us to use something which really imitates real gun. Paintball guns are the evidences of it.

Paint Ball game is battle simulation game which uses bullets in the form of balls which contains paint. If you love to play Counter Strike, you will like Paint Ball Game.

Tools, equipments, movement, and place in paint ball game raise people imagination as if they were real heroes in war. We run, squat, roll on the ground , face downward, peer, and shoot the opponents. It gives us fun. All players wear s military striped uniform, with military attributes. Every player feels like real soldier.

Paintball game is like gun shot battle. It is fun game which can also give psychological and physical benefits.

What are benefits of paintball game?

  • · You learn to develop teamwork.
  • · This game raise your spirit.
  • · The fun of this game can calm the strees.
  • · Paintball games can develop leaderhip skill. It gives opportunity to practice leadership and prepares leader to plan.
  • · You will do exercise for your motoric and kinestetic movement. It is also sport.
  • · It gives you practice to respond quickly. You will learn to be responsive not reactive. You shall not be panic when paintball bullets come to you. To prevent wasting you bullets, you shall not shot desperately.
  • · Paintball game trains your spontanity to respond urgent situation and make critical decision. Paintball game train you to plan strategy and implement it for team objectives. This game may develop the ability in planning.
  • · You will learn not to be panic. You will learn to manage your confidence even if you are under pressure.
  • · You will learn to communicte the strategy to your team.
  • · The leader will learn to direct all team members to achieve the objectives.
  • · Paintball game also trains sportivity.
  • · Paintball game raises heroic spirit.
  • · Paintball game trains you to analyse situation, condition and work field.
  • · Paintball game develope discipline, courage, and teamwork.

Remember! You must always use your goggles in paintball games even if it is just fun game. Always remember about safety and sportivity.

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Play game! Shoot your enemy! Paint them all!