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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others!

Be grateful as Our Lord loves and saves us in this game of life!

Be joyful as His teaching brings peace within us!

Merry Christmas!

by Little Candles, Blog of Education

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now You Can Electronically Sign the Documents Online

What if the one who ought to sign was in another continent? you'll ought to pay a lot of money and time to achieve signature.

Before the era of Information Technology,  you had sent delivery man to deliver to document to your business partner in other place where was far from yours,  to sign and so took the document back by delvery man. It was time consuming process and it might waste paper and energy  to do it.

Your business partner  and you would like to sign the contract however you're remote from her. each of you'll be far country. To approve the contract from a distance, you would like to  electronically sign the documents on-line

Now, you can use  electronic signature or e-signature to electronically sign the documents on-line along with your hand. it's to not copy and paste. it's signature by your hand. The agreement method are going to be simple and quick. 

With the web business closing tool online, your partner of business will simply fill out and sign on-line to make a deal. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Four Stages of Learning

Have you ever found something, that was used to be difficult, now can be easily done? For example, it is difficult to ride a bike at the first time but once you expertly ride it, riding a bike becomes so easy.

The process of learning consists of four stages. What are they? Let us discuss one by one.

The first stage is the stage of unconscious incompetence. At this stage, a person does not feel that he could not. He feel enough with ability. He is not aware of his weakness.

The second stage is conscious incompetence. He is aware of the current inability.

The third is the stage of conscious competence. Learners have ability and knowledge and use them consciously apply. He is aware of everything in the process to apply his ability.

The fourth stage is unconscious competence. He can apply his ability subconsciously.

The next question, where is the stage of the greatest difficulties in the learning process? Hardest stage is the second stage because often we feel already know our limitations, but we did not do anything to overcome it.

Sometimes we pretend incompetence already know that we have so far.

We sometimes get defensive and not open to criticism or input from others and considered to be the most correct is our own opinion.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Literacy Board Games for Kids is Good Fun Learning Media

Literacy is ability to write and read. It is basic skill in school. Literacy plays essential part in education.

However, some kids are lazy to learn writing and reading. They get bored because of they learn with boring teaching media.

Yes, your children learn literacy in school but you can invite them learn to write and reading with fun learning media.
You can introduce literacy board games for children. They will have fun but they learn.

Let you kids play literacy board games for kids.

Monday, June 18, 2012

List of Board Games: Literacy Board Games

List of board games present literacy board games. Learning process needs edutainment. Combination of education and entertainment makes learning process fun and challenging.

Literacy is skill to read and write. To learn reading and writing, kids need something fun to minimize stress in learning and acquisition. Literacy board games can play role as language teaching media.

Simple literacy board games may be good board games for toddlers  or board games for preschoolers.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Cooperative Board Games

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Best cooperative board games should be able to develop cooperative behavior. According to research, cooperative behavior raised during cooperative games. Cooperative board games preschoolers may have effect on cooperative behaviors of children.

Children need to enjoy togetherness in their childhood. With Cooperative Board Games, They have fun experience of cooperation with their friends.

Cooperative Board Games can be fun media for learning team work.

Here, some examples from cooperative board games list:
  • Lost Puppies
  • Peaceble Kingdom Press Mermaid
  • Stone soup cooperative board game
  • Wildcraft! an herbal adventure game, a cooperative ...
  • Count Your Chickens Cooperative Board Game
  • A cooperative game of consultation, decision-making, and natural selection (Family pastime games)
  • Stone Soup

If you want more information, you can read cooperative board games list in

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aerosmith concerts and Radiohead concert

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"I don't want miss a thing" I know you now this wonderful song by Aerosmith.
And, I don't want miss Aerosmith ticket.

Don't miss ticket of Dave Matthews Band tickets and Aerosmith concerts and Radiohead concert. Dave Matthews Band tickets and Aerosmith concerts and Radiohead concert.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Short Fable Story: Mouse Deer Story

Chevrotain or mouse deer is famous fable character in South East Asia, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. They call him Si Kancil.

Mouse deer story tells that he is smart animal and his adventure was written in Serat Kancil, Javanese Book of Mouse Deer. Serat Kancil does not tell about mouse deer facts and there is no mouse deer picture there. Serat Kancil tells about fable story of mouse deer.

Since Mouse Deer is one of inspiring fable characters, there are many new versions of mouse deer story.

One of them is Short Fable Story titled Mouse Deer and Pegasus.

Permainan Asah Otak dengan Alat Sensor Gelombang Otak

Permainan Asah Otak ada yang bilang tidak berguna untuk pendidikan. Memang secara langsung bias saja tidak, walau pun banyak yang berguna secara langsung seperti beberapa permainan yang mengasah langsung kemampuan kita pada disiplin ilmu tertentu seperti permainan matematika, scrabble untuk mengasah vocabulary dalam bahasa Inggris.

Permainan Asah Otak walaupun ada yang tidak langsung mengarahkan kita pada bidang studi tertentu tetapi mengasah kemampuan berpikir taktis dan strategis. Banyak permainan boardgame, seperti catur, monopoly, catur china atau Igo, dan Pandemic Board Game, yang mengarahkan kita pada problem solving dan berpikir strategis.

Permainan Asah Otak pada umumnya melatih fungsi-fungsi otak kita yang bisa mempersiapkan si pemain untuk terbiasa menggunakan fungsi otaknya dalam proses belajar.

Permainan Asah Otak Mindflex merupakan game mengasah otak yang melatih Anda mengendalikan pikiran. Anda belajar cara mengendalikan pikiran dengan langsung praktek dengan alat atau headset dengan sensor gelombang otak yang tentu saja dengan sensasi dan tantangan menarik, yaitu mencoba untuk menggerakan bola seolah-olah memiliki kekuatan telekinesis dengan fokus pikiran dan rileks.

Permainan Asah Otak Mindflex membuat anda seolah-olah seperti Luke Slywalker dalam Star War atau Magneto dalam X-Men yang sedang berlatih telekinesis menggerakan bola dengan kekuatan gelombang otak.

Game mengasah otak ala Mindflex melatih konsentrasi mata-pikiran (mind-eye concentration) tentu saja bisa memberikan manfaat tidak langsung terhadap kekuatan pikiran yang bisa bermanfaat dalam proses belajar. Permainan Asah Otak Mindflex melatih Anda untuk belajar menyadari kekinian ( menyadari dan perhatian tertuju pada saat ini) yang dapat merangsang pikiran kreatif. Latihan konsentrasi pada permainan ini melatih otak depan sehingga pengguna belajar untuk mengendalikan tindakan. Anda juga berlatih untuk fokus. Fokus merupakan bentuk kuat dari kekuatan pikiran.

Untuk saat ini Anda pun bisa mencicipi Permainan Asah Otak Mindflex melalui jasa sewa mainan.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas. When I hear childrens easter baskets, I remember easter is coming soon. I start to search Easter Basket Ideas to give custom easter baskets or easter basket gift to my kids. I really want to give them sunday morning surprises.

Custom easter baskets. I am thinking and looking for non-candy Easter basket ideas - easter gift. What are in the basket are Not only candy and egg. I will give them a poem from Mom and Dad.

Easter is a joyful festival to celebrate life.

Easter as a holiday is influenced by many different cultures and beliefs. Easter basket is also the result of different culture. lineage. It has influence from ancient pagan customs and Judeo Christian background.

Whatever, easter is celebration. It celebrates life.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Choose Right PreSchool for Your Kids to Play, Learn, and Explore

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

What we learn in preschool plays important role in our lives.
As the character plays important in your child future, choose quality school for your beloved children for their character development. Preschool is not only a place to play and learn but it is also place for them to learn to build a life.

Your kids are inventors, problem solvers, discoverers, and dreamers. Good education system must consider these potency. Education must see human as human. Education is humanizing human beings.

Your kids need to learn new information and have curiosity to master and discover knowledge. They need to learn through self direct experience and play.

Kids need to explore, learn, and play through Art, Creative Exploration, Dramatic Play, Library, Music, , Science & Discovery, and Table Activities. Through challenge, they will learn problem solving. Activities related to Art will stimulate their creativity and motoric aspects. Through music and dramatic play, they learn to confidence. Education must consider the integrated aspects of right and left brain.

Children need good environment to grow. They need Day Care Center where they can expereience playing, exploring, and learning. Preschool rooms need to be set up with that specific purpose for children. The design must be eye catching. Environment must have fun theme. The design must be synchronized with colorful imagination of kids. Not only is the room aesthetics, but it also facilitates functions for kid activity.

Not only just nice, teachers should really care about kids, and they understand and work with family.

Preschool must make kids feel comfortable to play, explore, and learn.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Criminal Justice Degree Responding Current Challenges

Criminal Justice is the system for managing social control, preventing crime, or giving sanction to those who break laws with criminal punishment and rehabilitation.

Criminal justice is the application or study of laws about criminal behavior. Why does the study use the word ‘justice’? Because laws which are applied to accused of a crime should be fair. This system is hopefully preventing abuse of investigatory and prosecution powers.

Law enforcement and legal job have good market in job or talent market. People and many institutions may need your skill and knowledge. Be someone whom job market looks for! You can consider criminal justice study.

Criminal justice degrees
are the best choice for anyone who loves issues related to crime, such as law, law enforcement , government policy, and criminal investigations.

Does Criminal Justice study respond current challenge? Is academic study relevant to current real things?

People grow smarter. Technology grows higher. Many poeple use it for goodness but there are some people who misuse their knowledge and technology for crime. Crimes are going to have many new forms and names such as Cyber Crime, like: Online piracy, theft, hacking, online sex crime. These new crimes require new methods to deal with and enhanced skills. Law enforcement is going to face new challenges.

Law enforcement professionals should be able to handle the complexities of crime prevention, intelligence and data gathering, resource management, and relationship with public and private agencies.

In master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration, you will learn skills and knowledge of what you need to deal with today's situations related to criminal justice. You will learn Organizational administration, Theories of crime prevention, Budget planning, Professional ethics and Media management.

Are you busy with your work? Do you want to learn but you cannot leave your work? Don't worry! Nowadays, You can earn criminal justice degree online from good quality university while your work.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Water Lily Plants

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Water lily or lotus is aquatic plant with lily pads. In Chinese, Japanese, or Indian culture, Water lily is a symbol for spiritual awakening because it grows beautifully in the dirty water.

I write about it because I fall in love when seeing water lily pond with a Chinese Pavilion.

Pavilion is small building in the park or garden. It is the place for people to have chit-chat and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

A pavilion, such as Chinese Pavilion, can also stand in the middle of pond or pool. Water lily pond and Chinese Pavilion is a beauty to enjoy. Flower of water lily or lotus erects in the morning. It’s so wonderful. I imagine it is the setting for Kung Fu story or Chinese Fable. I take water lily pictures to share with you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Writing is Important and You Need to Know How to Write

I have been working for more than 10 years and I have found that writing skill is important.
You need writing skill when you write internal memo, agreement, sales later, proposal, advertisement, and other business letter. Maybe, you do not want to be a writer but many jobs require writing skills - whether you are writing memo or mail to your co-workers or a report for your boss.

In writing, you make record of your expression and communicate it to others. Writing must be communicative. The readers must be able to get the meaning after reading it. Writing helps you refine your ideas when you give others feedback and with writing, you helps others give you feedback. When you write, you record.

In this modern information era, writing play more roles in various media - online and offline. In blog, website, social networks, online ads, you can see writing by people.

Writing is important and you need to know how to write well. Even if to be a professional writer is not your dream, you need writing skill.

During your study, you need to have good writing skills to do your paper and essay. At least, you need to have following writing skills or you need to ask the experts:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you need online homework solver?

Do you need online homework solver?

Number. Number. Number. Sometimes, we feel heavy rotation in our head when we learn something related to number and analysis. However, many subjects require us to do with them to study.

In our life, we use money as legal payment tool and we also deal with number when we learn about how to manage it, how cash flow happens, and activities related to money. Finance and microeconomics are the subjects to deal with money.

Finance is simply defined as money management or funds management. Finance is combination of art and science, dealing with money.

Microeconomics is a sub-study of economics that learns how the individual modern household and how institutions or companies make decisions to distribute limited resources. It is the analysis of the decisions made by individuals and groups, the factors that influence them, and how the decisions have effect. Microeconomics is related to economics decisions made at a low, or micro, level.

Mathematics, of course, is a must-learned subject dealing with numbers. One of math branches related to art and science is geometry. In Geometry, we learn about shapes and their properties.
All above subjects are not easy and some students face difficulty in doing their homework. They need consultation with experts to help learn to understand the subjects.

Do you need finance homework help? Today, you can find many online expert who will help you.
You can also get microeconomics help online and geometry homework solver.

Don’t hesitate to ask the experts.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine Day: Do You Have Any Idea For It?

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Valentine's Day is an annual commemoration celebrating love between intimate companions. The day is named after a Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It's held on February 14.

It is the day when you have opportunity to charm your beloved with cute Valentine ideas. If you have already wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, you can take this moment to express your feeling creatively.
If you are still single, don't worry, open your heart and try to find one.

Be creative to spend Valentine Day with your beloved one!
You can ask them to have candle lite dinner! You can invite them in ice skating area. You can have picnic, jogging, dancing with your partner. Or, you can try other idea.

Expression of love is not only for couple, you can express love to your parents, teachers, friends, or pets.

Open up your heart! Open up your mind! Welcome love!

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Learn To Find A Way

Short Fable Story: Mice Will Find The Way | Authspot

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Human being is long life learner. History has proven that many problems have been solved by human beings because they have learned and found the way to overcome the obstacle.
Discovery and invention are the evidences. Sometimes, human learn to find a way to solve the problem but sometimes they make revolutionary move by making a way.

Find a way, or make one! Read a fable fiction of this theme, titled Mice Will Find The Way by YW Purnomosidhi

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do You Want to Take Master Degree

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

Why Do You Want to Take Master Degree?

Have you hold S1 or bachelor degree?
Do you want to continue higher education?
Do you want to contribute intelligently and effectively to the welfare of your society?
Do you want to reach more personal understanding, be able to deeper such knowledge?
Do you want to write and speak excellently? Master the topic in public speaking?
Do you want to learn to reflect on the circumstances of your live and advance your intellectual power?
Do you want to be able to effectively confront challenges?
Do you need education with full human development by giving attention to the balance of intellectual, spiritual and physical development?
Do you need more education or knowledge which can help you in your business, work, or career?
Do you need education which need to pay attention about balance in life?
Are you an employee or businessperson?
Do you want to study and achieve master degree but you are really busy to go to campus?

If your answer to all or some questions above is "yes", you can take online master program.

You can search and choose the right online master program for you.

If you are a nurse, you may take online masters degree in nursing or Master of Science in Nursing which meets the needs of working registered nurses who wish to take advanced study of their field or enhance higher education level.

If you like to learn more about leadership, you can take online program of masters in leadership. You can take the online study program of Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. It is study which combines cutting-edge research from the social sciences, communication field, arts, humanities, and business, into a transformative leadership masters

Of course, when you choose online master program, please choose master program which is fully accredited by authorized commission.

What ever you choose, choose something that you love. Of course, you should consider accessibility, effectiveness, and quality of the program.

Online master program is for you who love to learn higher education level.