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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Motivational Short Fable Stories for Kids

Kids love to listen fable stories as bed time stories or as stories with moral in the class. Fables with animals are fun. Kids love to read them and they can be the media to motivate and inspire kids. Fables can play their roles in education. So, why don’t let them read or tell them fables as motivational short stories for kids?

Best Motivational Short Stories

Good motivational stories must be able to inspire and motivate the readers. This post does not tell the award about best motivating short stories by certain institution. It’s relative and every readers has right to judge them. I have just found the site of fable and fantasy fictions where you can get inspired by its info of the best motivational short stories.

Books of Motivational Short Stories

Success is achievement of something. It can be successful learning result. It can be successful study. It can be a successful relationship. It can be a successful business or career. In process to to the top, you may face obstacles which sometimes make you down. Don’t worry! Just get up and go on! Go for your goal! In the process, you need motivation. You can get motivation from the biography of successful persons but sometimes something funny and non-serious can inspire you. You can find self management books or motivational short stories at kindle amazon. You can watch movies that give you motivation or read fable or fantasy motivational short stories books.

Blog about Motivational Short Stories

I love reading short stories or flash fictions, especially inspiring and motivating stories. When I was surfing online, I found some blogs which presented reviews and information about motivating short stories. I really like them, especially those who tells the fable and fantasy stories which can rekindle and rejuvenate my spirits. As a human being, I need motivation in a fun way and I love motivational short stories blog.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Motivational Short Stories about Leadership

A leader must be self motivated. He is a man with vision who respond his calling. He has a plan and takes action with passion. A leader needs motivation. He needs supplement to burn his desire. His heart need to enjoy true stories of another leaders or just inspiring fictions. Sometimes, he also need to read fable fictions as motivational short stories about leadership.

Motivational Short Stories about Life

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others. Life is a journey. Life is the time for us to learn. Life is something that we are in it. Sometimes, in journey, we get lost but we find the new beautiful things and find the right track again. Sometimes, when we try to live our life to flow like water, the flow is stack but we find and make the track to flow. We need to live when we are alive and say, “It’s my life.” You need burning desire to run the engine of life. You can get motivation from motivational short stories about life.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Motivational Short Stories for Students

When we learn something, we need to keep high learning spirit. We need motivation inside us to burn our desire. As students, it is good to read motivational short stories for students.

We can find many motivating stories of successful persons, such as scientists, athletes, actor/ actress, artists or leaders. The stories can be testimonial or biography. However, students who love fun can get inspired from fictions. It can be teen literature, love story, and fantasy stories.  

Fable fictions can also become motivational short stories for students.

Motivational Short Stories for Children in Education

This article tells how motivational short stories forchildren play important roles in education.
Early education has essential role in life. Childhood is the golden time to build attitude to be a long life learner. Mind set and perspective are built at that time. 

Outer and internal motivations like supplement for learning process. Children need motivation from outside themselves such as good mark, achievement, presents, certificate, or any other kind of award and reward. In outer motivation, they have motivation to pursue or get something or approval which has a meaning for them. However, motivation which comes from their inner self is more powerful. In inner motivation, they learn because they love it or do something valuable for their life. In inner motivation, learning is development to be better. 

Many things can stimulate inner motivation, such as training, experience, and motivating stories.
Fable stories, testimonials, and success stories plays role to motivate children. They have morals that the children need or love to follow to be better persons, such as self-confidence, honesty, perseverance, love, caring, peace, friendship, passion to be success, and better perspective.
Fables with animals still get children’s attention. As children love to learn with fun, to inspire children you can tell motivationalshort stories of fable fictions.