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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Motivational Short Stories for Children in Education

This article tells how motivational short stories forchildren play important roles in education.
Early education has essential role in life. Childhood is the golden time to build attitude to be a long life learner. Mind set and perspective are built at that time. 

Outer and internal motivations like supplement for learning process. Children need motivation from outside themselves such as good mark, achievement, presents, certificate, or any other kind of award and reward. In outer motivation, they have motivation to pursue or get something or approval which has a meaning for them. However, motivation which comes from their inner self is more powerful. In inner motivation, they learn because they love it or do something valuable for their life. In inner motivation, learning is development to be better. 

Many things can stimulate inner motivation, such as training, experience, and motivating stories.
Fable stories, testimonials, and success stories plays role to motivate children. They have morals that the children need or love to follow to be better persons, such as self-confidence, honesty, perseverance, love, caring, peace, friendship, passion to be success, and better perspective.
Fables with animals still get children’s attention. As children love to learn with fun, to inspire children you can tell motivationalshort stories of fable fictions.

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