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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is the meaning of palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is Sunday before three Easter holly days, namely: Maudy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Great Week. What is the meaning of Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday has deeper meaning than its history. Historically, it was the time when Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem and people welcomed Him with palm leaves in their hands. 

Palm Sunday is celebration to welcome savior. On Palm Sunday, King of Peace comes in humble ways as Savior. On Palm Sunday, people cry,”Hosana” which means ‘Save’ or ‘Savior.’ Palm Sunday represents that God comes in humble way in peace. 

For children, donkey and palm leaves are interesting things on Palm Sunday.  Children may ask why Jesus chose to ride a donkey instead of strong horse, like another king. Donkey is considered lowly or stupid animal. Donkey is not animal for battle. Jesus, King of Peace, rode a donkey in his entry. It means that King of Peace is great without luxury. 

Children’s interest in the donkey of Palm Sunday motivates many writers to write a fable story of Donkey of Palm Sunday. 

Are you interested in Palm Sunday story for children?

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