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Monday, October 22, 2012

Four Stages of Learning

Have you ever found something, that was used to be difficult, now can be easily done? For example, it is difficult to ride a bike at the first time but once you expertly ride it, riding a bike becomes so easy.

The process of learning consists of four stages. What are they? Let us discuss one by one.

The first stage is the stage of unconscious incompetence. At this stage, a person does not feel that he could not. He feel enough with ability. He is not aware of his weakness.

The second stage is conscious incompetence. He is aware of the current inability.

The third is the stage of conscious competence. Learners have ability and knowledge and use them consciously apply. He is aware of everything in the process to apply his ability.

The fourth stage is unconscious competence. He can apply his ability subconsciously.

The next question, where is the stage of the greatest difficulties in the learning process? Hardest stage is the second stage because often we feel already know our limitations, but we did not do anything to overcome it.

Sometimes we pretend incompetence already know that we have so far.

We sometimes get defensive and not open to criticism or input from others and considered to be the most correct is our own opinion.

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