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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bad Label is Taboo for Parenting and Education

By Purnomosidhi, ex-teacher and education watch

Labeling can have effect to human beings to do something. When saying negative things about someone, you give bad label to him/her. And how do you feel, when others do not belief in you because they have given you bad label?

When I was a teacher, I had some students, who were labelled as naughty students. One day, one of them, called Kevin, got high point in the English exam that I handled.

I guaranteed that he was not cheating. I hed watched him during the exam. But, ironically, his parents were suspicious about his result. They did not believe that he could get high point. They told it to the homeroom teacher, Kevin knew it. I could feel what Kevin felt. I had the sam experience when my lecturer during my study in university said that she had been suspicious about my academic achievement.

In the next examination, Kevin said to me he wanted to sit on my chair. I told him to be back to his chair, but he did not want to. Then, He did the examination on my chair. Perhaps, he wanted to prove that he could achieve high point without cheating.

Bad label make your children, students, friends feel uncomfortable. They will feel that the other do not belief them. It can also has bad influence to their self esteem and confidence.


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