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Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Feet: Lesson of Uniqueness

Humanizing Human Beings, To Be Little Candles for Others

In animation movie "Happy Feet", every penguins in Antartic empire must be able to sing heartsong, but Mumble grew different. He was not good singer. His ability in singing was under average. However, he had unique ability in toe-tapping skill. His feet dance also created rythm of music, but his community was not ready to accept it. Singinng is expression of happiness, and Mumble also said "Dancing is also expression of happiness."

Even if his community was not ready to appreciate his uniqueness,fortunately, Mumble did not feel inferior and he was aware of his unique ability. He kept dancing, and his happy feet dance grew better and better. Sometimes in real life, negative perspective to the difference can shut up one's development and innovative idea. However, it is in ourown decision to decide to trust in our ability and keep moving, or give up. Realize our uniqueness, and develop it.Your uniqueness can inpire others.

Mumble kept dancing and introduce his unique skills to his friends. At the beginning only a few were interested to dance but Mumble showed his confidence to introduce Happy Feet dance. His confidence and enthusiasm made his dance performance become more interesting, and it interested more and more penguins to dance. His dance was expression of happiness and it encouraged others. Doing or performing something with confidence and enthusiasm can make the better performance and interest others.

'Be confident with your uniqueness' was what Mumble did for himself first before he saved his community from famine. He made decision for himself to investigate the source of famine, the source of problem to get solution. He did happy feet dance enthusiastically, and showed his dance to human beeings. Finally, he led the penguins in his community of penguins to perform happy feet dances, and it sent the message to the world to save environment in Antartic. Put on your oxygen mask then you can help others." The story in 'Happy Feet' inspire us to do something for ourselves before we do something for others. It is also relevant to the safety procedure for flight passengers: 'Put on your oxigen mask first, before you help the others.' You cannot help other, if you cannot help your self. You cannot save the weak person of you are weak. You cannot serve the poor, if you are poor. You cannot feed the hungry if you are hungry. Change begin within ourselves.

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